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About Me

Hi! My Name Is Casey And I Built This GroovePages Site Because After Years Trying To Make Money Online, This Just Blows My Mind!

My Story

Yup, that's a Mohawk ...!

Howdy! I'm Casey, thanks for visiting my About Me page. 

Who Am I?

I've had jobs ranging from security guard to waiter to janitor to software sales pro. In 2013, during a period of unemployment, I began my journey in the world of making money online. Below I'll go into a bit more detail, and tell you how I ended up building this site.  

Early Days

I had a pretty unusual upbringing. Born in the US, I was sent off to school in India at a very young age, and spent virtually my entire school life before college there. I always say this gave me a much deeper and broader education, not just academically but about the world I live in, than I would have gotten here at home. Clearly, it couldn't help but instill in me an unusually wide perspective on life, and I'm grateful for being raised that way, although of course it was very hard at times. 

When I finished school and came home for good, I took my first real job, as a security guard. (I'd had a couple of summer jobs as a teen, sure.) I realized pretty quickly that it wasn't anything I wanted to do long term, and I'd always planned on going to college, so I eventually left that job and began a liberal arts education. 

Learning and Growing

I fell in love with comic books as a young boy (the age of the comic book movie has been one of my greatest joys), and I always found it just slightly magical what the artists of those works were able to create, particularly with pencils. I spent a couple years in a university taking art history and drawing classes, and enjoyed it, but became disillusioned with drawing as a career path.

Time came that the school notified me that I had to declare a major to continue, and I dropped out. Looking back, I think it was based on my personal life as muh as the ultimatum. I had had a hard breakup, and I really didn't like the city the school is in. 

During my first or second semester I had taken a job at an Olive Garden, and found that I enjoyed it, not least because of the camaraderie and friendships that developed with my coworkers. Thus began my (accidental) first career. 

Up to Date

I worked in restaurants for the next 15+ years, had tons of fun, learned a lot, and built lifelong friendships. Right around age 30 however, I started thinking hard about the fact that I didn't want to make a career of it, at least any more than I already had. That field has pretty limited room for advancement — even if you want to own a restaurant, it's beyond the reach of most restaurant workers. And, it's an incredibly demanding job. You can shoot for manager, I suppose, but that is maybe slightly less stressful, and taxing. That's another thing about restaurant work: it almost invariably inflicts damage on your body, sooner or later.

Plus I'd never meant to make a career of it at all; it was attractive for a time, then the shine of cash in hand every night diminished. So I decided to go back to school. That had always been my plan anyway, whenever I figured out what I wanted to do ... I just hadn't meant to spend a decade on that. And I've always excelled in school, so the prospect was actually pretty exciting.

Only problem was — I still didn't know what I wanted my degree in. I still wanted to do something artistic, but beyond that I really had no ideas. Then I ran into an old acquaintance, asked what he was up to, and he told me "Graphic design."

Somehow just that phrase flicked a switch for me. It was artistic, but practical, and a trade I could pursue indefinitely.

So, finally armed with a concrete goal, I returned to school. That road itself was hardly without unexpected curves and bumps, but I'll spare you that particular detour. Long story short, six years after going back to school, I had an associate's degree in media arts, and a bachelor's in graphic and digital design.

Thus equipped, I entered the job market again ... and of course met more curves and bumps. Another three years after graduation, I found myself unemployed and desperate — and so began my journey in the world of making money online.

I was very fortunate in that one of my very first forays into online marketing was an unqualified success. This enterprise was dropshipping on eBay, and I did pretty well at that for a few months. However, a combination of eBay's ever-changing policies and my treating it more like a hobby than a business resulted in it losing its viability.

Since then I've tried to recapture some level of consistent success, working various jobs in the meantime. I've tried so many different programs and methods, and I'll be the first to admit to Shiny Object Syndrome.

But now, I've finally found something truly amazing, so I've dived in headfirst, and hence this site.

What's so amazing?

Well it's actually two things working in conjunction: Jason Caluori's SAS Affiliate training system, hand-in-hand with Mike Filsame's GroovePages platform. Click those two links to visit the respective pages with my reviews for each, since there's no way I could do them justice here; and it's not quite the appropriate place for it anyway.

Thanks for reading, don't hesitate to comment or reach out with any questions or anything else you might have.


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